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Recipe Finder

You can find a variety of nourishing beef recipes ranging from lean beef to comforting favorites, from the Web site.  Search by ingredients, recipe name, or type of beef cut to view complete cooking instructions and even nutritional information. 

Today’s Beef Choices

Grain-fed, grass-finished, certified organic, natural and branded beef products. While each kind of beef offers you something different, they all share the common denominators: tasty, nutritious and wholesome satisfaction. Learn more about the different choices of beef for your plate.

Nutritious and Delicious Cooking

Cooking beef can be as satisfying as the savory pleasure of eating it, when you have key tools at hand. But before you start to picture yourself biting into that juicy steak or burger, take a few steps back.

Know Your Cuts and How to Cook Them

There are beef choices to satisfy all tastes, schedules and budgets. Planning menus, creating shopping lists and knowing what to look for on the label when buying beef will help consumers stretch their food dollar, without sacrificing the health benefits of a high-quality protein diet. Here are some tips to help make efficient purchasing decisions at the meat counter.